JimmyKurz Film

Filmmaker and Photographer

Can I Sing You A Song? (CISYAS) is a six-part documentary film series following three young creatives on a 12 day road trip West. Their plan? Sing songs to strangers along the way and document the whole experience. Primarily following James Moore  (musician), Jimmy Kurzawa (filmmaker), and Wade Stofko (photographer). This documentary sheds light into the life of the young creative, where the route to success is not always easy to see. Watch the full series below!
James Moore is a singer/songwriter from Chicago. After releasing his debut EP feel. in January of 2016 he teamed up with filmmaker Jimmy Kurzawa to develop the idea for Can I Sing You a Song? Initially the pair envisioned it as a method to connect with listeners in a way that was interactive, memorable, and entertaining. With the help of photographer Wade Stofko, they brought their vision to life in August 2016. After documenting their experience they realized something. Not only did they have a catalog of unique performances in a variety of locations; This novel idea of theirs had transformed into a story of chasing dreams.
Behind the Scenes
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